Trending Features of Retail Industry In the Online Digital World


by admin, July 6, 2023

Trending Features of Retail Industry In the Online Digital World

The global digital transformation has affected the retail industry as well. This became quite obvious during the pandemic, when more people became dependent on the online method of buying their basic necessities. More retail stores took to the Internet to offer their products and services online.

The fierce competition amongst retail businesses inspired them to offer a little bit more to the customers in terms of features and level of interactivity. This article explains the technology trends for 2022 in the retail industry.

Importance Of Digital Transformation In The Retail Industry

The retail industry has evolved a great deal having well & truly accepted the introduction of technology in the form of websites and mobile applications. There is no looking back now; there is only one way forward, and that is the transformation of the stores as we know it into eCommerce stores. Here are a few reasons why digital transformation is important for the retail industry:

1. More people now trust buying online, and a higher percentage do so as well post-pandemic.

2. It is vital that retail businesses adapt to the changing consumer behavior and develop innovative and feature-rich online apps & websites to remain competitive.

3. More customers prefer shopping online using apps developed using advanced technologies. A failure to make your retail products available online can result in huge losses.

4. The world of electronic commerce is ideal to introduce special features to encourage customer loyalty.

5. One of the main features that all customers value the most is customer service. Businesses have a wide range of features at their disposal when construing their online presence. One of them being Chatbots. This is an automated and intelligent service that can handle all your customers dynamically.

6. Customer service is always availed to you irrespective of the time of the day.

7. It is simpler to provide the customers with a more personalized experience as well.

An eCommerce store increases the ability of the store to market its products as well. They can do so via common digital marketing methods. They can also include several special features like cross-selling, and up-selling to increase sales.

An online store is an ideal method to monitor buyer behavior, analyze products being sold and monitor several other factors. This allows them to establish best-selling products as well as customer’s favorite products.

Top 5 Trending Features 

1. Personalized Search:

Customer personalization is something that has been around for a while; however, a higher level of personalization is possible with online stores. The online store can study consumer behavior and promote special products that the consumer is likely to be interested in. Retail businesses can also offer a more personalized experience while browsing the online store.

2. Voice Commerce:

With the introduction of various voice-operated devices, including voice search, businesses are beginning to take advantage of the changing consumer behavior by offering choice search for their podcast. These insoles use the highly efficient natural language processing (NLP) technology which has greatly improved over the years.

3. Social Media:

Social media is one of the most popular applications online, with tons of users spending a lot of time on it. The user base of such social media platforms is on the rise. Retail businesses take advantage of this in many ways. This includes introducing features like sharing products of interest, products purchased, etc. It is also useful for promoting products.

4. Advanced Technologies:

New technologies are released very frequently, and they are also accepted equally fast by professional software developers. Retail businesses have begun to take advantage of this by implementing various technologies like AI/ML, AR/VR, etc. Augmented and virtual reality are technologies that have been around for a while. This is the ideal technology to offer consumers a better and more interactive experience with innovative solutions.

5. Customer Service:

Retail businesses are well aware that consumers rate prompt and high-quality customer service quite high. They have begun taking advantage of the various options available to ensure the consumers always find the answers they are looking for. This can be in the form of an automated bot system like Chatbot that has all the answers, an intelligent FAQ system, and a more accessible live-chat feature.

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