Top Trending Niches for better Mobile App Development


by admin, July 6, 2023

Top Trending Niches for better Mobile App Development

Mobile application market is ever expanding and provides solutions to any problem. Every year, people around the world download around 200 billion apps annually from every platform. While mobile application development offers opportunities to grow, it’s hard to find a footing in this competition. We need to find a perfect niche or industry to build a mobile app. In this article, we will explain how to find a perfect niche for your mobile app and what are the trending niches for better mobile app development to invest in.  

How to Select a Niche or Industry for Mobile App Development?  

Before we find the top trending niche, we need to take a step back to learn more about selecting a niche for mobile app development. There are certain factors and problems we need to understand, before we select a niche or industry for our app.  

  • Choosing a Niche or Industry  

How to find a niche or industry for mobile apps? By doing extensive research. There are several options to choose from but without proper research, we might get blindsided. Open Google play store or iOS play store and research top trending categories. Make sure to go deeper and learn more about trending niches from the subcategories. Learn about top downloaded apps and what is the market size for that app category. Find a mobile app development company who has experience with similar application to create the app.  

  • What Problems Can We Solve in That Niche or Industry? 

If you research mobile applications, one thing is common among top downloaded apps, they all solve a problem. That’s what set them apart from your normal garden variety apps. Once you hone in on few niches or industries, find out more about issues and problems they face.  

  • Competition  

When we search for an app, we can find hundreds of other apps too. Most profitable niches have tough competition. Everyone is trying to create similar app for a single purpose and if we do the same, we get lost in it. Make sure to find a niche or industry which has lower competition. This way, we can create an app that stands out from the crowd and gets more attention.

  • Advantages and Drawback  

Selecting a niche and creating an app is simple, however, it requires continuous updates and new information which is hard. Selecting a niche or industry which are familiar to you, gives you an advantage. You can personally lead the charge to provide useful information because you have the knowledge. If you select a profitable niche but you are not an expert in it, it will create lots of issues. Find a niche or industry you are passionate about and have a working knowledge of it.

  • Future Growth 

If you build an app that became viral but soon losses engagement, it will become a financial burden. There are many examples of that one-hit wonders where app gains momentary fame but is soon forgotten. When you research for selecting a niche, make sure to learn about its demand in the future. There are lots of sources available on the internet where that forecast the demand for certain sectors or industries, make use of them. Find a niche that has potential to grow so that you don’t make any shortsighted decisions.  

Top Trending Niches For Better Mobile Application Development

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  • On-Demand Apps  

On-demand apps indicated connecting customers directly to the service provider. For example, if you need a plumber to fix your bathroom, an on-demand app helps you find it near your area. On-demand mobile app market will cross $500 billion in next couple of years and this is the right time to build an on-demand app.  

  • Healthcare Apps  

Healthcare or any app related to mental health are always in demand. In today’s climate, people have a fundamental understanding of what is more important than health. From medication alert to diet trackers, we have seen a continuous rise in the app market for health-related app. It has vast potential to grow in upcoming years. An experienced Mobile application development company can help us create a perfect health care app that is useful and necessary. 

  • Traveling Apps  

Everyone knows that traveling is not just for fun but it’s time to reduce stress and enjoy the new environment. Travelers from around the world contributed $5.8 trillion to the global economy last year. Total of 446 billion people traveled last year and spend almost $3 trillion on leisure activities. Traveling apps provides better revenue and reach a global audience.  

  • Blockchain

It is a fairly new technology but blockchain cast a big shadow. There are numerous applications of this technology and we are just at the beginning stage. Blockchain provides security and safety and new way to distribute information and we can use this to our advantage. By creating a blockchain based mobile app, we can capture the global market early and become the standard norm in the industries.  

  • Education

Educational apps have higher engagement and revenue opportunities. Online learning is the new trend with total revenue of around $140 billion last year. From certification courses to online university education, we have seen the demand for educational apps in last couple of years rising exponentially.    

  • AR Apps  

Augmented reality is not something new but using AR technology with mobile apps is a totally new sector. We can create an AR app that could guide users in 3D or create a perfect interior design for a room. Mobile app integrated with AR technology could usher in a new era of super apps that could solve any issue in real time.  

  • Entertainment  

From streaming platforms to short video applications, entertainment niche is an evergreen market. Streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney plus and Amazon prime earned billions of dollars with their apps and we can capture this market as well. By creating audio or video streaming platform, we can reach a wider audience.  

  • Gaming  

One estimate suggests that over 3 billion people worldwide play video games. Mobile games earned $150 billion in 2022 and are projected to bring $220 billion in revenue by 2027. Mobile game market is huge and there are lots of opportunities for rapid growth.  


Mobile apps are the hottest trend in the market and it is not slowing down any time sooner. A Mobile app can bring exposure to your brand and bring lots of attention too. Investing in creation of useful app will create a steady revenue flow. By analyzing the market and conducting thorough research on mobile apps, we can find a niche to create a successful mobile app. LJ Innovate is a world-class Mobile application development company with years of experience that could help you create your dream app.