Police Force

Police Force

Platform to Help the Students for Police Exams - Police Force

Police Force is a platform to help the students who are appearing for the police exams. The app generates random questions for the learning and practice of the students. It provides different trivia to test your learning and knowledge. The platform also gives you feedback and areas to improve your knowledge.


Project description

Platform Android, IOS
Industry Education Sector
Region USA
Integrations Trivia Questions


Police Force
Police Force
Police Force
Police Force
Police Force
Police Force
Police Force

Key Features

  • There are random question generators that give students many questions about their exams for better preparation.
  • The platform provides trivia questions to test the knowledge of the students.
  • Notifications are sent for the new trivia questions and tests to the learners.
  • There are also implementations of some graphics for a better understanding of questions.
  • It also gives feedback and suggestions in the area of improvement to the learners.
  • Different types of questions are generated in the platform like MCQ, textbook bases, Situational based questions, and more.
Police Force

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