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Let’s Help

Help Treat Substance Use Disorders Mobile App - Let's Help

Let’s Help is a mobile application to help treat substance use disorders. The digital therapy app consists of a specialised schedule that includes weekly tasks by the given prescription from a clinician. This app guides users through a series of engaging lessons that help guide them through recovery by completing the lessons at their own pace and even receiving virtual rewards after completing milestones.

  • JAVA
  • AWS

Project description

Platform Android, iOS
Industry Health Care
Region USA
Integrations Chat


Let’s Help
Let’s Help
Let’s Help
Let’s Help
Let’s Help
Let’s Help
Let’s Help

Key Features

  • Different types of milestones are fixed by the clinic for treatment, i.e., MCQs or text-based questionnaires, tasks, events, etc.
  • Patients can scan & upload documents as required for recovery.
  • Notification is sent before every event gets started.
  • Rewards after completing each milestone, as set by healthcare clinics.
  • Support family members can chat with clinic staff members to know the patient’s progress.
  • Progress graphs can be seen with actual progress versus expected progress.
Let’s Help

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