Best Mobile App Development Ideas for Startup in 2023


by admin, July 6, 2023

Best Mobile App Development Ideas for Startup in 2023

We are living in the era of smartphones and smart apps. Every year Americans are downloading more than 200 billion apps on their phones. It created an influx of new apps in the market and even with competition, they are making good progress. Startups can create a new app to grow their business and create a community. We can invest in a mobile app development company to help us make our ideas into an app. Here are some interesting ideas for new apps.

Mobile App Development Ideas for Startups  

1. Financial Management 

  • Budget Maker

Everyone needs an app that could simply manage their budget. By creating a simple app that could track users’ credit and debits, we can help thousands of users to create a perfect budget. We can integrate banks and credit cards into the app and it will sync up. We can add encourage young people to save up and teach them about budget making. 

  • Coupon Apps

Coupon codes are still one of the most searched queries on the internet. Coupons are easily available on the internet but are they safe or fake? Creating an app that collects coupon information from the internet and helps your users save tons of money, is one of the best ideas. You can hire mobile app developer to create a simple browser where users search for items or brands and get information about free coupons. 

  • Price Comparison App

Anyone who tried to compare prices online knows how difficult it is. We can create an app that collects information from all e-commerce store and provide a comparison in price. Users can select the product and it will redirect them directly to the original website to complete the purchase. It will save time and effort for the users and they will come back again for the next purchase.   

2. Mental Health App

  • Fitness App

Mental health should be our number one priority and the easiest way to achieve it is by staying physically fit. Fitness apps are always in demand as we have seen in the last couple of years. Creating a fitness app with pictures and video instructions can help businesses build multiple ways to earn revenue. They can sell subscriptions or products directly to the users and we can get the return on the app development cost in a couple of months.

  • Yoga Instruction App

Yoga, Pranayam, and all types of mediations have become a necessity for everyone who works in a stressful environment. Meditation can help you with your mental stress and yoga can keep your body fit. A simple meditation or yoga app is easy to build and easy to update.

  • Motivation Quotes App

We all need motivation in one way or another. Our jobs have become demanding and stressful and most of the time we don’t feel like we have achieved something. A simple motivational quotes app sent you words of wisdom every day to cheer you up. It can help you achieve your goal and push your boundaries. 

3. Productivity App

  • To-do List

Most people use their mobile phones to do everything, writing notes, capturing pictures of something important, etc. A to-do list app provides a simple solution for putting together a list of things. It’s important to make a list, but we can take a picture of documents, and bills for the reminder as well. To-do lists have hundreds of usages and everyone needs a sophisticated way to create their list. Hiring an experienced mobile app development company could help us with the correct framework for this app. 

  • Online Learning Apps

In this economy, upskilling is important. Leaning apps provides solutions to those who wish to learn but don’t know how. We can create a curriculum for a single subject where we can help users with a step-by-step guide on the subject.  

  • Screentime Control

We spend 3 hours and 15 minutes of our time using our phones daily. Most people spend more than 5 hours on the phone. We can develop a simple app that could notify users about how much time they spend on certain apps. This way we can motivate people to use them accordingly. 

4. Travel App  

  • Local Guide App

There are hundreds of applications that provide information about traveling. However, most of these apps focus on the most popular places. We can build an app that provides information on places most people are unaware of. We can create a community of local users to help us with information and create an ultimate app for finding hidden gems for travelers.  

  • Find an Affordable Hotel App

Solo travelers know that finding an affordable hotel is hard. We can rely on traveling websites or hotel booking apps, but they don’t display all of them. Also, hostels and boarding facilities for solo travelers are hard to find. Creating an app that solves this issue will greatly help thousands of travelers.

5. Apps for Women

  • Period Tracker

Period tracker apps provide information about the menstrual cycle. By adding information first, anyone can track their period dates. They can adjust their appointments and work. The app can remind them about stocking up on hygiene products too.  

  • SOS App

SOS functions are available in every phone in the market but not all of them work effectively. We can create an app where users can share their last location. Send a distress signal, call the helpline or find the nearest police station. We need to hire mobile app developers who have experience with the emergency system and alert works in order to create this app. 

  • Makeup Tutorial

Simple and easy makeup tutorials are always in demand. There are thousands of YouTube channels that help with make-up tips but there are no categories or easy ways to find one. We can create a makeup tutorial app that provides simple tips on makeup. From easy touch-ups to heavy makeup routines, we can create different categories and add videos and articles about them. 

6. Entertainment

  • Short Video App

Vine and TikTok are one of the most common examples of short video apps. Short videos are such a success that Instagram and YouTube started to compete in the market with their short videos. Creating a short video-sharing app is easy to work but we need to build a community around the app to make it successful. There are a few examples of it where short video apps became an overnight success.   

  • Streaming App

Streaming apps are making a wave in the entertainment market and users are loving it. Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Apple, and Disney have created their video streaming apps with millions of users. There is a huge demand for audio and video streaming services with better revenue systems. App development costs can be varied depending on the features you want to add.

7. Healthcare App

  • Medication Tracker

A medication tracker can solve one of the most common issues with a simple solution. We can create an app where users can add their medication charts and information about time table of their medication. It will alert the users with a notification to take their medicine. We can integrate it with some of the common pharmacies and send them detailed medical history about medication to directly order it online.  

  • Diet Tracker

Dieting is hard and diet planning is complicated and hard to remember. Gone are the days when we can put the diet chart on the fridge and remember to follow it. We can create a simple app that provides diet information and help users set up their diet tracker.  


230 billion apps were downloaded in 2021 and the average user in the US spends around 5 hours daily on different apps. There is no doubt that the mobile app market is growing at a substantial rate. It is the right time to invest in a mobile app development company to create a trending app. LJ Innovate has several years of experience with mobile app development and they are experts in this field. Ask them today for your mobile app development cost.